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Book Series Review – A Court of Thorns & Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a high fantasy series by Sarah J. Maas. The novels focus on the idea of a Fae world, following the protagonist Feyre as she is thrown into a world of unknowns, wars, plots and of course, magic.

The A Court of Thorns and Roses Series currently has 5 instalments, with the latest, A Court of Silver Flames, having been released on the 16th of February 2021. Rumour states there is another sequel in the making but no confirmation as of yet!

In this review, I am going to briefly look at each instalment individually, but also the series as a whole as I think all the books lend to each other incredibly well.

First off, we start with A Court of Thorns and Roses. Now, as I’m sure you know there is a lot of hype over these books and so I picked up ACOTAR with a lot of expectations. And, if I’m honest, I would personally say the first book in the series was a bit of a disappointment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the book is good. It is a solid story with an interesting plot and fleshed-out characters, I just couldn’t quite connect with it! However, if you are looking for a strong fae novel then it is perfect. The mystery of ‘the outside world’ is one cleverly built, with parts being revealed slowly but whilst keeping you engaged. And, when things really start to kick off, the book was so easy to fly through, even if I did disagree with and not understand Feyre’s reasoning most of the time!

My biggest issue with A Court of Thorns and Roses was my massive disliking Tamlin, who is a pretty important character in this novel. That’s not to say he isn’t a well-thought-out character or even bland, I just couldn’t bring myself to trust what I was seeing with him and I also found the romance that circles him incredibly unbelievable and fake. This is no fault to Maas or her writing, as I can look at it all objectively and see how people can love his character, I just didn’t feel it.
If I must be honest, I was a little more interested in the characters we knew little about, and how they could potentially grow, like Lucien and Rhys, and maybe my love for the underdog is what hindered the Tamlin vibes for me.

Next up we have A Court of Mist and Fury, now this is where I got hooked on this series. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to give this a go after the disappointment I felt after ACOTAR. However, I decided to give ACOMAF a go because as I mentioned, I was keen to see more of those side characters and this book had promises of a lot more Rhys. And boy, I was NOT disappointed. ACOMAF is by far my favourite book of the whole series, the way the already strong-built characters, relationships and dynamics constantly shift and grow and just get more and more interesting without getting boring is incredible.

What really hooked me during ACOMAF (alongside the incredible Rhys content) is the way the plot completely changed direction, yet still kept the law and the energy, and tension just grew. The book is beautiful, giving some incredibly tender moments between characters, action-packed arguments and fights, and introducing mystery and wonder more and more as all is revealed. I honestly don’t think I have a single bad word to say about this book, maybe not enough content from my best boy side characters, but that is easily remedied in the later instalments of the series.

The third instalment of the series is A Court of Wings & Ruin. I can’t express how much I adore, how seamlessly ACOWAR melds into the ending of ACOMAF, both of these books are fairly large in size (around 600-700 pages each) and they feel like some of the quickest things I’ve ever read. ACOWAR compliments the previous novels so much and just keeps Maas’ consistency with fun, interesting and beautiful writing, flowing.

In this novel, the tension really amps up. With stakes getting higher and consequences getting more serious. I absolutely steamed through this novel, with a high investment in every single character I knew, even the less likeable ones held an edge of intrigue as to what will happen next, what will they do. There is just so much jumping around as a reader, you love someone one moment, then you hate them; you trust in someone and then they betray it; you think you know what’s going to happen and something totally different happens.

The Fae world that Maas has built also just continues to expand throughout ACOWAR. More magic, more lore and yet it is introduced so easily that you never have a chance to be confused, only the opportunity to experience whatever emotion is meant to be triggered at that moment.

We’ll have a brief moment here to appreciate A Court of Frost and Starlight, a little 3.5-esque novella from Maas set between the 3rd and 4th novel. This is a very small story, with a few previous chapters from different character pov’s and a little bit of fluff and daily life which I adore. But this is very much a roundup novella to semi-close the door from the last few novels, making way to introduce the next big plot.

The current final instalment of the ACOTAR Series is A Court of Silver Flames, but I am going to bring you a separate review for this one as it brings us, yet again, something different and brand new to the astounding world we already know and love.

Overall I would say these books are honestly a hit and I can completely understand the hype behind them. I had been in a real reading slump before picking up these novels and it had been so long since a book started to take over my everyday thoughts. In my opinion, if you aren’t feeling it after the first book, I would plead with you to still give ACOMAF a try as it just opens up the best world to you.

I would recommend these novels for both young adult, new adult and adult readers, however, be aware there are some spicy scenes for the younger readers around. This is definitely not an easy, simple read, so this is for anyone looking for something to dig their claws into and embrace.

2023 Challenges!

So here we are, welcome to 2023 everyone! I am once again going to set myself some challenges for the upcoming year, but I think I’m going to scale back the post format for it, as I feel like I constantly waste my time on challenge updates and which isn’t interesting content. I also have some changes to what I’m going to track and set challenges for this year:

  • Read 40 Books
  • Read 15 Manga/Graphic Novels
  • Watch 40 Movies
  • Watch 10 Anime Movies
  • Watch 15 Anime Series
  • Watch 5 KDrama’s
  • Watch 50 TV Shows

Just a quick summary of the challenges, I have added in KDrama’s (and therefore lowered the amount of other things that involve watching due to the sheer amount of hours a single KDrama takes) and I’ve also decided not to set a challenge for my game count. I’m still going to track games, but as I mentioned in my round up, having a challenge just seems to be more negative than good for me

Here’s to a hopeful 2023!

My challenge progress will be tracked on Twitter using the hashtag #RC2023Challenges

2022 Challenges Review

Well, the end of 2022 is finally here! And I must say I’m half glad to see the end of it. I had some great times this year – some amazing holidays, a great number of theatre trips and days out – but I also had some really awful circumstances – I lost my puppy, had to be signed off work for a bit, etc etc. However, I am thinking positively and decided I’m going to manifest good things for 2023. I’m going to appreciate the world more, get out more and just try and feel better you know? Bold words, I am aware, but if I put it out here, you can hold me to it!

Alas, I have lost the purpose of this post, so let’s get back on track. Here comes the 2022 Challenges summary! I’ll start each challenge with the usual monthly update for December, and will end each with a little yearly summary and favourites of the year.

As a quick overview, I have managed to complete 5/8 challenges this year.

Read 40 Books
I managed to stuff quite a few books into December! I had a week away in Brussels and I think that majorly contributed to having a bit more free time (and travel time) to catch up. It’s hard to pick a December reads favourite, I think it has to be either the Midnight Library or They Both Die at the End because they are very different to my usual reads and they hit some feels within me. I am hoping to review both for you all soon.

7 Books in December
– The Gods of Love, The Gods of Love #1, Nicola Mostyn
– After the Bite, Argeneau #35, Lynsay Sands
– My Travels in Japan, Audry Nicklin
– Wrath of God, Godhunter #36, Amy Sumida
– The Midnight Library, Matt Haig
– They Both Die at the End, Death-Cast #1, Adam Silvera
Two Boys Kissing, David Levithan

With my last few December reads, I managed to meet my reading challenge for 2022 (just!). I really got back into reading and books this year; getting truly hooked on a few that hit me either emotionally or just took over all my thoughts! I’m so glad to be back in love with reading again.

My top reads of 2022 are:
– The ACOTAR Series (Especially Mist & Fury)
– The Folk of Air Series
– The Chronicles of St Mary’s Books – Don’t forget to check out my review of the latest instalment: A Catalogue of Catastrophe

Read 15 Manga/Graphic Novels
Again, a couple titles to update from the last few months. I really enjoyed reading a mix of manga in December, I need to do this more often that’s for sure.

2 Manga/Graphic Novels in December
– Jujutsu Kaisen, Vol.4, Gege Akutami
– Those Not So Sweet Boys, Vol.3, Yoko Nogiri
No.6, Vol.4, Atsuko Asano & Hinoki Kino

My manga/graphic novel total count got to 10 in 2022, this isn’t great but isn’t terribly far from my challenge so I’m not too upset over the fact. Manga is just another thing I need to give myself time to do and I’m hoping to give myself more self-care and time in 2023.

My top manga for 2022 is No.6 because I just adore everything about the characters and this story and I can’t believe I have not finished reading it yet when I started it so long ago.

Watch 28 Anime Series
I got one more anime series in during December, but alas I know this won’t save my shocking results. However, I the anime I did finish was the first season of Spy x Family and I must say I just love this series. It’s fun, it’s cute and it’s interesting.

1 Anime Series in December
– Spy x Family S01

In an absolute shocking series of events, I managed to complete a whopping 6 anime in 2022! I don’t know why I struggled so much in 2022, but I just wouldn’t commit to sit down and watch.

My top anime of 2022 are:
– Tokyo Revengers (Best Boy: Baji Keisuke)
– Spy x Family (Best Girl: Anya)

Watch 12 Anime Movies
Admittedly, I did have to take a last minute binge to catch up on anime movies, but it wasn’t a huge effort to make. I must say it was a surprisingly dissapoining month in December as none of my watches really blew me away. I do have to give some credit to Violet Evergarden though because everything about the franchise is just so beautiful, heart wrenching and pure and I think that is so different these days.

6 Anime Movies in December
– Modest Heroes
– From Up on Poppy Hill
– Ocean Waves
– Child of Kamiari Month
– My Neighbors the Yamadas

Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

So. with my perseverance I did manage to meet my goal for 2022 with 12 anime movies! I think I just lacked on making effort with things this year which is really all I can blame this on.

My top anime movies of 2022 is:
– BELLE – This is a strong win by far, considering it inspired a cosplay, I have the soundtrack on vinyl and I just adore it.
– Jujutsu Kaisen 0 – A strong addition of one of my top anime at the moment.

Watch 45 Movies
A small binge at the end of December was needed to meet this challenge, but again it wasn’t a mad rush. I watched a lot of different genres in December and my favourites are Enola Holmes 2 and Glass Onion. I love these films because they’re clever and fun and just not too serious.

16 Movies in December
– Camp Rock
– Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
– Enola Holmes 2
– The School for Good and Evil
– The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
– The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari
– Soul
– Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special
– CyberHell: Exposing an Internet Horror
– Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes
– Strange World
– Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story
– The Phantom
– I Am Vanessa Guillen
– Luca

Weirdly, 2022 had a serious decrease in film consumption compared to previous years. I guess it’s down to both myself and my friends getting busier and therefore having less time to band together to watch. However, I did meet my target of 45 movies in 2022.

My top movies of 2022 are:
– Spider-Man: No Way Home
– Tell Me Who I Am
– Thor: Love & Thunder
– Purple Hearts

Watch 45 TV Shows
Not that many TV shows completed in December but it’s no matter! I thoroughly enjoyed all my December watches but I think the top watch has to be Wednesday.

3 TV Shows in December
– Wednesday
Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs The World
– Sins of Our Mother

I think it’s safe to say that I am a TV show person. Even though the hours add up to so much more than a movie, there’s just something about a show I can get hooked into. I actually surpassed my TV show challenge in 2022 with 48 in total.

My top shows of 2022 are:
– It’s a Sin
– Crash Landing on You (my intro to KDrama and I can assure you there will be more to come)
– Brooklyn 99 S08
– Keep Sweet, Pray & Obey

Complete 5 Games
Platinum 3 Games
Tracking games and platinums just does not seem to working for me. I think that by putting numbers on them I actually convince myself I don’t enjoy it and end up playing ‘for the numbers’ rather than myself. And that is why I have not done well on these two challenges during 2022. I completed a total of 2 games and didn’t platinum any. I’ve also decided I’m not much of a platinum hunter and I only like to do so when it is fun to get the trophies.

My top completed game of 2022 is: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

That’s all folks! I have already decided on my challenges for 2023, and they will be out and started very shortly. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of my watches or my favourites of the year – you can find me on twitter: @runawaychelsie ☺️

2022: November Challenge Summary

I know, I know, I’m pretty late. But it’s been a crazy December (as I always say I know). Anyway, nothing much to report here so I’m going to dive straight in. Also, I have only just realised that I somehow missed my October summary, so I’m going to squish it into here.

As always, you can follow my progress on Twitter with the hashtag #RT2022Challenges.

I think we can safely say at this point, I’m not going to get my games platinum-ed. I’m thinking I may take this off my challenges for next year as whilst I enjoy some platinum hunting, It’s not something I always want to do or obsess over.
– Platinum 3 Games

Complete 3 Games

Read 40 Books
October and November had a pretty good book haul! My holiday definitely helped, alongside a good helping of faerie obsession! I think my favourite read of the last couple months are all the Cruel Prince books.

6 Books in October & November
– Murder at the Seaview Hotel, A Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mystery #1, Glenda Young
– Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel, A Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mystery #2, Glenda Young
– The Cruel Prince, The Folk of the Air #1, Holly Black
– The Wicked King, The Folk of the Air #2, Holly Black
– The Queen of Nothing, The Folk of the Air #2, Holly Black
– Mythos, Stephen Fry

Watch 45 Movies
Movies are once again strong in the challenge front! I’m edging closer and closer to completing this challenge. My favourite movie from this collection is definitely Purple Hearts, I did not anticipate much from it and it surprised me with the feels.

6 Movies in October & November
– The Curse of Bridge Hollow
– Army of Thieves
– Luckiest Girl Alive
– Over the Moon
– Purple Hearts

Watch 45 TV Shows
A very slow two months of TV, I was so focused on everything else but I’m not so worried about this challenge. I guess by default Winx was my favourite for October & November! I did actually enjoy the show and I am sad to see that there is no more of it to come.

1 TV Show in October & November
Fate: The Winx Saga S02

Watch 23 Anime Series
Finally some anime completed! I think it’s clear at this point I won’t meet this challenge but anime has been a struggle for me this year and I’m just glad to be slowly getting back to it if I’m honest. I managed to get Demon Slayer finished after much procrastination and I did actually enjoy it more than I anticipated.

1 Anime Series in October & November
Demon Slayer S02: Entertainment District Arc

Watch 23 Anime Movies
I also got an anime movie in, who is she! Again, I’m just super happy to be on the anime train again and whilst a weird film, I always enjoy a Hosoda film.

3 Anime Movies in October & November
Wolf Children

Read 15 Manga/Graphic Novels
Also some manga! I’m super happy with everything I got through in October & November. And of course, I love me a bit of Seraph.

2 Manga in October & November
– Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Vol.23, Takaya Kagami & Yamato Yamamoto
– Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Vol.24, Takaya Kagami & Yamato Yamamoto

Book Review – Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel, Glenda Young

Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel is the 2nd instalment in the Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mystery series. This is currently the latest book in the series, having been released in May 2022. Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel is a cosy crime novel set in Scarborough, that follows widow, Helen Dexter and her loyal greyhound as she now invites an intriguing acting group into her hotel. She’ll face relationship worries, unplanned acting work and stress as one of the main cast is found murdered on the beach!

As I stated in my review of Murder at the Seaview Hotel, the Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mystery series is my introduction to cosy crime and I’m so glad I had this second instalment to follow on from immediately. A big thanks to Headline Publishers for providing me with both Helen Dexter novels in exchange for a review!

This time round I went into the novel totally prepared with what to expect from the writing, pacing and style of the genre and I can say it did not disappoint in the slightest. The pacing in this book felt much steadier and thus, as a reader I felt much more inclined to pick it up and it generally just made the novel much more enjoyable and interesting to me.

Young’s characterisation is still as strong as ever, giving us even more depth in our well loved characters as well as bringing in another set of eccentric characters, that in no way felt the same as our Elvis troupe or each other. The other side being that despite how unique these new characters are, they are still believable and I could totally envision people just like them.

The thing I picked up on this novel is that Young put a lot more twists and turns into Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel, making it just that little bit more fun and interesting to read – from unrelated dramas to incorrect accusations, it felt much more chaotic but in a good way – more similar to real life scenarios and just more dramatic.

Lastly, lets discuss the mystery reveals. During my read I did manage to figure out a couple of the smaller mysteries – the threatening phone calls and the relationship drama – but I didn’t manage to uncover the murderer before the big reveal. I guess that shows Young’s clever writing style, not being overly complex or detailed but still building tension and interesting twists.

I very much enjoyed reading Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel and can’t wait to see what else is in store for Helen Dexter as hinted with her next booking (a mini golf competition team) at the end of the novel. I would keep my recommendation for this book to anyone looking for an easy read with a bit of drama and a touch of homely realness.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Thanks again to Headline Publishers for providing me with this novel in exchange for an honest review

Book Review – Murder at the Seaview Hotel, Glenda Young

Murder at the Seaview Hotel is the 1st instalment in the Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mystery series. There are currently two books in the series, with the latest having been released in May 2022. Murder at the Seaview Hotel is a cosy crime novel set in Scarborough that follows recent widow, Helen Dexter and her loyal greyhound as she tries to figure out the mysteries surrounding her and her late husbands hotel – who wants to buy her property; who is threatening her, and why has one of her guests now shown up dead?!

Now, cosy crime is something completely new to me in novels. As much as I try to expand my reading, I usually end up falling back into my comfort of fantasy and YA novels, so I am very grateful to the wonderful Headline Publishers for providing me with these Helen Dexter novels!!

As stated, this genre is new to me and so it has taken me a little while to wrap my head around what to expect and the styling of the genre itself. That’s not to say I didn’t like it, not at all, it’s just a change. The first thing I can say about this novel is that I can 100% understand why it is called a ‘cosy crime’ novel. There is something just so warm and authentic about it, from the characters themselves, to the way they act and the conversations had and thought. Even when discussing the mysterious murder and threats, whilst being sad/worried you are also still connected to the reality and seeing an almost detached view meaning that as the reader you are still unaffected and yet you have a gut feeling that something will be resolved and come out positively so you have no reason to get overly concerned. Gosh, I hope that makes sense but if not just take away the fact that this novel definitely feels cosy.

What I also found with this novel is that the characters have so much depth. When Helen sits down for a catch up with her friends, you can envision yourself sat at the table with them, listening in. The conversations and emotions are real and I don’t think I ever once really questioned Helens decisions or choices to do something because they were realistic but also her character has been so wonderfully created and introduced that you can almost sit and think “ah well that’s just what shes like”.

The main thing I struggled with, with this novel, is the pace. Now again, I really don’t think this is down to Young’s writing but more down to the difference in genre. I found it took a long time for anything to happen, and whilst the build of tension and character and setting introduction was refeshing and wonderful to know, I just found myself a little bored. However, once things started kicking off I managed to finish 75% of the book in one day and loved all the new pieces of info that were discovered. I do also appreciate that the aforementioned 75% wouldn’t have had the same affects on me as a reader if I didn’t know so much about the characters and their lives. So all in all, I think it’s just something I need to get over myself.

I guess the last thing we need to discuss is the ending (obviously spoiler free). Did I figure anything out or not? The answer is, I did not. I was a little surprised and disappointed that certain mysteries and aspects, which appeared to lead towards the murder, were actually completely unrelated in a way that I honestly don’t think we’ll ever hear about them again. I guess this all ties into the idea of realism that Young presents in her novels, as often we do read into things wrong and overthink in our lives, but I was just hoping for a really shocking and maybe even a little complexity which the resolve just seemed to lack. However, come the big reveal of the murder mystery, I must admit I was completely unaware of who the murderer was, I had an inkling as to the why (although this idea was presented by Young herself through the characters and not an idea of my own) and I do like how everything kind of circled back together with both plot, conversations and characters,

I did enjoy reading Murder at the Seaview Hotel and I’m pleased to have had this novel as my first dive into the cosy crime genre. I will, of course, be picking up the second instalment, Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel and can’t wait to see what else is in store for Helen Dexter! I would recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy read, a bit of drama without intense emotions and someone who is simply looking to curl up, get comfy and read a good book.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Thanks again to Headline Publishers for providing me with this novel in exchange for an honest review

2022: September Challenge Summary

September has come and gone with a slice of reality kicking in! Honestly, going into this summary, I have no idea how much progress I made in September on my challenges; the month just flew away as a blur.

As always, you can follow my progress on Twitter with the hashtag #RT2022Challenges.

Here are all the challenges I’ve made no progress on at all yet. I’m very close to getting my platinum for Ratchet & Clank, but the trophies I’m missing are ones I need to grind which is annoying.
– Platinum 3 Games

September failed me once again on the following challenges, but let’s hope my upcoming October holiday can help remedy this, as the amount of challenges on this list is just shameful! I have quite a few manga lined up to read, I’m also working my way through a novel I have been given for review. I have started watching Spy x Family, and have plenty of anime movies also on the to watch list!

– Read 15 Manga/Graphic Novels
– Read 40 Books
– Watch 23 Anime Series
– Watch 23 Anime Movies

Watch 45 Movies
In contrast to August, I have done terribly in September for everything!! The only movie I managed to watch was Do Revenge and I can’t even say it’s a default favourite as I just didn’t enjoy it. It just appeared like a massive joke to me.

1 Movie in September
– Do Revenge

Watch 45 TV Shows
A bit better on TV in September but still not much going for me. Of course, my favourite has to be Drag Race, as the cast was amazing and I love Jinkx.

3 TV Shows in September
Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet
– Lucifer S04
– RuPaul’s Drag Race All Start S07

Complete 3 Games
What? Two games over two months? A miracle! I really loved playing Ratchet & Clank, it really lived up to the first game and is just so easy and entertaining. I’m currently only a few trophies off my platinum so hopefully I can get at least one done before the year is out.

1 Game Completed in September
– Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

2022: August Challenge Summary

Happy September everyone! Sorry this update is a bit late, it’s been chaos with the jet lag, the sorting life admin and heading back to work in a new role after six weeks! But so far so good. Looking at my August challenges, I have to say, I told you the holiday would do me some good – what a month!

As always, you can follow my progress on Twitter with the hashtag #RT2022Challenges.

Here are all the challenges I’ve made no progress on at all yet. Notice how this has gone down?! She did it! Almost done with my first platinum too, hoping to have that dome by the end of September.
– Platinum 3 Games

In August, I also failed to make any progress on the following challenge. We all know I’m terrible for reading manga and not books, but I know since I’ve been away/last read I have a couple of Seraph instalments to catch up on so fingers crossed.
– Read 15 Manga/Graphic Novels

Read 40 Books
5 whooping books in August – that works out at roughly 1 book every 6 days! I really enjoyed catching up on some easy reads and starting a new series. However, the favourite has to be the newest instalment from Ben Aaronovitch as I just adore the entirety of the Rivers of London series. Shoutout also to Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as his narration of the audio books is always top notch.

5 Books in August
– Heaven Can’t Wait, Twilight Court #14, Amy Sumida
– Heaven To Pay, Twilight Court #15, Amy Sumida
– Faking Fey, Godhunter #35, Amy Sumida

– Amongst Our Weapons, Rivers of London #9, Ben Aaronovitch
– Death’s Hand, Descent #1, S.M. Reine

Watch 45 Movies
Movies are probably my weakest point at the moment, I never want to seem to commit to that amount of time, even though I’ll end up watching multiple TV episodes and spending the same, if not more time! Some late comers for me here, and one I had no intention of ever watching! My favourite movie for August is Amanda Knox, as I just found it so interesting.

4 Movies in August
– Nail Bomber: Manhunt
– Bo Burnham: Inside
– Top Gun: Maverick
– Amanda Knox

Watch 45 TV Shows
TV Shows were strong as per usual in August. As expected there was plenty of true crime, but being in New Zealand allowed me to access some new stuff that wasn’t available in the UK at the time! I also got sucked into the world of KDrama’s in August (so much content) and I can strongly say my favourite watch for August was Crash Landing on You.

5 TV Shows in August
The Most Hated Man on the Internet
– I Just Killed My Dad
– The Sandman
– Crash Landing on You
– Brooklyn 99 S08

Watch 23 Anime Series
Woohoo! Finally picked up some anime progress after all this time. I started watching Great Pretender on the plane, which isn’t at all what I expected but was still fun. My favourite for August though, has to be the latest season of MHA because I’m basic.

2 Anime Series in August
– My Hero Academia S05
– Great Pretender S01

Watch 23 Anime Movies
What?! Anime series and anime movie progress in one month…Who is she?! I’m hoping I can keep the strength up with this but so many of my hobbies are so time consuming. I enjoyed both anime films I watched on my flight home but I think Whisper of the Heart gets the vote for favourite in August. It’s a thin line because I found them both vert mediocre but at least Whisper of the Heart seemed to have some kind of logical plot line to follow.

2 Anime Movies in August
– Bubble
– Whisper of the Heart

Complete 3 Games
I did it! I finally completed Trails of Cold Steel after MONTHS of working on it. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the game, I did, I love the characters and the stories but I just find JRPGS so hard to get into each time and I’m rubbish with organising skills in combat scenarios. I know that Jade is willing to lend me 2, 3 & 4 of Trails, but I’m not sure whether I’m willing to give these a go yet. Maybe one day but not right now.

1 Game Completed in August
– The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

2022: July Challenge Summary

How ya going everyone? I’m currently writing to you from Australia on holiday and I will be heading to New Zealand shorty!! July has been a busy month of holiday and new job prep but I’m so excited, Oz has been good to me weather wise and I’ve done so much exploring!! Can’t wait to get started on the travel log.

As always, you can follow my progress on Twitter with the hashtag #RT2022Challenges.

Here are all the challenges I’ve made no progress on at all yet. I’ve just got to keep on the game grind for the time being. I’m about to go on holiday for a month and I’m hoping to get some serious Switch time in!
– Complete 3 Games
– Platinum 3 Games

In July, I also failed to make any progress on the following challenges. Again, I’m hoping the holiday and 24hr flights will allow me plenty chance to work on these and I’ll give you a sneak peek guys, I’ve managed to make some progress on one of these in August already!
– Read 15 Manga/Graphic Novels
– Watch 12 Anime Movies
– Watch 23 Anime Series

Read 40 Books
Books still going solid for me in July, but the ACOTAR series only has so many instalments and the last one sure is a hefty one! I still massively enjoyed A Court of Silver Flames and it is still a clear winner for the favourite out of July’s reads.

3 Books in July
A Court of Silver Flames, A Court of Thorns and Roses #5, Sarah J. Maas
Truly Devious, Truly Devious #1, Maureen Johnson
Immortal Rising, Argeneau #34, Lynsay Sands

Watch 45 Movies
Not much more going on this month, but my 24-hour flight did help with a July watches but I did get very distracted watching BELLE again!! My favourite for July has to Love & Thunder, hands down.

4 Movies in July
– A Perfect Pairing
– The Girl in the Picture

Thor: Love & Thunder
Long Shot

Watch 45 TV Shows 
Much like with movies, my 24-hour flight and evenings have been a great time for TV Show watching alongside the month I spent WFH, however I currently appear to have a lot of series’ on the go, but not yet finished! My favourite watch for July has to be Keep Sweet: Pray & Obey as that was such a wild ride will all kinds of interesting craziness.

6 TV Shows in July
Keep Sweet: Pray & Obey
– Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.
– Lucifer S02
– Lucifer S03
– I Am A Killer S02
– Dynasties S02

2022: June Challenge Summary

Quite behind this month but a lot has been going on and at least I managed to get this summary to you before the end of July!! I honestly can’t remember what I was up to in June so I have no little life update for you this time.

As always, you can follow my progress on Twitter with the hashtag #RT2022Challenges.

Here are all the challenges I’ve made no progress on at all yet. I’ve just got to keep on the game grind for the time being. I’m about to go on holiday for a month and I’m hoping to get some serious Switch time in!
– Complete 3 Games
– Platinum 3 Games

In June, I also failed to make any progress on the following challenges. Again, I’m hoping the holiday and 24hr flight will allow me plenty of chance to work on these.
– Read 15 Manga/Graphic Novels
– Watch 12 Anime Movies
– Watch 23 Anime Series

Read 40 Books
3 books from the same series in June, I just fell in love with the ACOTAR books and could not put them down. By far, my favourite has to be A Court of Mist and Fury! My review hopefully isn’t too far away but with the holiday I can’t make any promises.

3 Books in June
– A Court of Mist and Fury, A Court of Thorns and Roses #2, Sarah J. Maas
– A Court of Wings and Ruin, A Court of Thorns and Roses #3, Sarah J. Maas
– A Court of Frost and Starlight, A Court of Thorns and Roses #4, Sarah J. Maas

Watch 45 Movies
Wow, thought I’d watched a lot more movies in June than I did – the months are just rolling into one! My one June watch was an incredibly insane watch that I found super interesting (and would totally recommend) so at least there’s that going for my June progress.

1 Movie in June
– Our Father

Watch 45 TV Shows 9
Again, the TV Shows are being helped by the current morning work from home I’ve been doing. I think my favourite of June might actually be Fate: The Winx Saga as I had no intentions to watch it, but my sister made me watch EP.1 and I ended up watching it all on the same day when I got home!!

4 TV Shows in June
Lucifer S01
– Fate: The Winx Saga
– The Umbrella Academy S03
– Somebody Feed Phil S05